To download: click on the number of the class, (for a QuickTime view of it), or control click, then on “save link as” OR “download linked file”.

115 = 2:08 hrs, 12.20.08.

        This is the first 2 of 4 hours I did because I thought I’d be dead in less than 2 weeks. That is why I wasn’t afraid to tell what I knew about the “curse of Ham”. Like even though the Holy Spirit changed from black to white because the blacks weren’t cooperating in the pornos, when I get to heaven She’s going to be black again, the last 20 min of #127m is what the Holy Spirit looks like and sounds like as a black girl courting me (through brandy).

        The main reason for this is I keep finding more convincing proof of how much people knew the 911 disaster was coming and how to prevent it; also more proof of all the permission for sex God was offering through me. That both of these were turned down by women running things was more proof that “drumstick ice cream” is now “dumb stick” (its gong to stick: dumb broads), for all the ice cream and “happy days” they threw away in their power play against God.

        I show songs from 10.31.95 on MTV about the sex God was offering and how they mocked it away (like Maxim magazine did 12.2003, with far less excuse for being that stupid). I show the song “you’re little secret” with a “secret” deodorant commercial, (the secret was that “you’re horns are showing” and its going to stay that way). I show a commercial by Snickers with the Buffalo Bills and one by Special K . I explain how it was a big sucker play by God on MTV, the pornos and Quality Fresh Cigars (QFC), because it was a great break (834), to quit cigars, MTV and the pornos after they mocked me away.

116a RATED X, is the 3rd hour of 12.20.08 with a “c//” of me defend pornos like Michaelangleo did for nudity in the Sistine chapel. I show a scene from Gettysburg that confirmed the “patriotic dunce” revelation I spoke of in 1c and show it again here. Then I start to redo #9 & 10 to prove how much they knew the 9.11 disaster was coming (the last 8 min), but cut it short and sum it up on

116b  2:08 hrs, 6.27.09.

        This was a break through for me and so I did a video table of contents on 116d to explain it. It started with me explaining the end of my 11.13.95 MTV AOL and the signs that God had “saved the best for last” and that my AOLs were over. This evolved into a checkmate on MTV, New York, the stars and the por/nos. I’m getting better at finding out and proving how much they knew they were called to come through and also knew the the price would be very ex-pensive for not doing so. I start to elaborate on “you don’t know what you’re missing” by not having the patience to find sex and love in God’s will and timing. I show examples in the movies An Affair to Remember, Sleepless in Seattle and Miracle on 34th street, also a song by Laura Branigan. There’s a few rated X scenes and one is a “c//”of when I first saw Rosie Odonnel (sp?), and the music video “Together forever” in 1988. She was a VJ on VH-1 and I show that song with a scene from  “Circle of Friends” at 1:09 to 1:17 on #65. The last few seconds of “over-run” at the end was another “sign” of the checkmate on the stars and the por/nos. The ten minutes at 1:50 is condensed from 105a, my “I love you, good bye” to the pornos.

116c  49 min, 6.24.09.

         I finish 109a talk of NFL & stars & girls; then explain 116a. The 116b I talk of was so bad I had to redo it into the new 116b above, (Chronologically these are explained on 116d.).mov

116d  52 min, 6.28.09.

        This is a video table of contents of 116b. There were a few things I forgot to explain on 116b, and how the Lord got me to do it, (with 116c and 63 when I wasn’t in the mood to do them). Chronologically these four came between 127r and 127s on page 13.)  The Rhode Island bar that was a c// to the movie JAWS is explained in the first 30 min of #52. The song I got as feedback from them is on this class, #116d at 29

117a  Explains117b. On 7.6.09 I started to do a table of contents on 117 and then got detoured on christmas canceled for 14 years now and show “The Nightmare Before Christmas” to explain it (also on #127e3). I finish reviewing 117, including my c// escape from Shawshank prison, “the powers that be”, the John Birch Society and women (represented as a checkmate on Raquel Welch). Then a porno over-run (rated X), got me to show the c// scene in the “The Beverly Hillbillies” of Ellie mae that was also a c// to Amy Richardson’s rejection of me. When I was quoting Sherlock’s “It’s elementary” my refrigerator quit at 328 p.m., 7.8.09. That means “dead hypocrites” and applied to Amy above and the media below, (also on #111).  

        The last 37 minutes is about the dpoop media and “stars” and their mocking me mercilessly has led to me getting to go home early, (a premature death). Also on 127e3 with “Loads of Fun #34”, and The Queen of hearts ex-posed in “Alice in wonderland”, (@ 2:01 on 127e3).

117b    .mov, 297MB, 2:08 hrs, 1-1-09.

         I explain a scene from AMADEUS that was c// to my visit to the IRS. I explain the start of #75, that it was a warning of the 9-11 disaster and that they got the message. The plate CNN165 was about it’s too dangerous for me to see doctors. I explain some  porno ads. I re-did some of 118 into 117b about Jenny and soar losers @ 51 to 1:01. I show scenes from THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION that are parallel The John Birch Society, also c//s on 127q1. Then the media as the worst Don Quixotes. At 1:23 I explain the parallels to me and Michelle, (the mail lady),  and in ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Also Karen and me at The Apple Store as parallel to Mike and Karen in California, (Kristy Powell’s sister). I show the signs that Tom Brokaw and Bob Costus, (NBC), cost us a magic carpet ride at the olympics in Athens. I typed a “death bed sermon” at #117 on page 12 at

118   RATED X, .mov, 227MB, 1:34, 12.26.08.

        When I had a camera again I explain the message I was trying to get across in 102 &103. I re-did some of 118 into 127z and 117b about Jenny McCarthy and soar losers, read the next line.

  [ I looked up a few classes that had Jenny McCarthy and/or The Grind, (& 911 disaster info), they are: #24 @ 18 to 52 min, #25 @ 1:28 min, #88a {RATED X} @1:08 to 1:30, 117b @ 51 to 1:01, #118 @ 1:04, #121 @ 37 & 1:19, #124 @ 50 to 1:03 and #127z @ 1:03 to 1:21 minutes, and read #131.]     {Some of the TLC girls, (The Latin Connection), classes are at #96 @ 1:43 to 2:02 , #98, 100a, 100b, 105a #118 @ 37 & 50 to 1:05 and many others.}

119a&b RATED X, .mov, 293MB, 2:05 hrs, 12-26-08.

         I continue explaining 102 as me vs “the stars” and the battle for credits in Ben Hur’s chariot race. I copy Michaelangleo’s defense of nudity in the Sistine chapel to defend the pornography I’ve been led to watch. Then explain the curse of Ham on the Brits for mocking me, (that’s been confirmed again near the end of #127z). I show “the scariest (sex & ice cream) music videos” from MTV 10-31-95, and the Special K commercial that was a sign from my hons to me.

120   .mov, 296MB, first 2 of 4hrs, 1-4-09.

        I explain two Carolyns, then Ona, Cindy & Teresa, (a family of 4 girls called to come through, also @ the first 9 min of #122a). I show Mike of the present meets Mike of the past, (and clash), when I explain the movie TOY STORY 2, (that led to a revelation about THE RAPTURE on #123). I explain the Waikiki ads I got on 12-24-08. I explain how the Lord taught me how to be black through MTV music videos and how it was prophesied in the movie DUMBO.

121   RATED X @ 24 min. .mov, 297MB, the last 2 of 4 hrs on 1-4-09.

         I explain some parallels in the movie THE FOUR SEASONS, (to me leaving Alaska, etc). How I could’ve gotten the art of living on SSI and how rich people can enjoy guilt free wealth, @ 9. From 12 to 21 min I explain my I love you good bye to California on #25. On #24 from 18 to 56 I showed cause and effect of the 9-11 disaster but I wasn’t able to talk, so I explain it here @ 34 to 1:40 with a lot of side stories. @ 24 min I explain my first RATED X class and the opposition I got to it, I show the Grinch then Jacob Marly with Scrooge, (@ 50), and the c// of “Left eye” in the music video WATERFALLS that is c// to K. Swan, (in purge-a-tory @ 57). @ 1:04 I show, (from my 10-28-95 AOL #139 & 143), the FOO FIGHTERS song and lyrics to I”LL STICK AROUND, Then the UN-laughable “visual mafia” and song START WITH, (paying me). Then two commercials that show the “pure terror” of MTV paying me, (@ 1:17 & 1:23). One price they payed was in the SINGLED OUT show, (from #139), that was 86ed of the “magical couples” God blessed them with at the start, @ 1:26 Jenny McCarthy says about love, “there’s always tomorrow”, (read #113 where I explain and play that song as my Alaska exit song), I realized that made her parallel Amy Richardson as a Ms Right, (86ed). I explain the c// to Super Bowl 39, 2-6-05, rescued by great commercials and a patriotic celebration, @1:23. Then @ 1:26 I show the songs and commercials on the 10-31-95 AOL, (#144), that showed me I was doing the right thing, then the sexual permission songs God offered butt it was refused. @1:41 I show Admiral Halsey’s biography because of two incidents that broke my heart, then I show how God explained it and healed me of it, (I condensed this with more c// revelations @ 1:10 on #122). Then the TV show THAT GIRL @ 1:57 and how unpatriotic they were and boasting of it. I re-show these, (1:41 to 2:02) on #127e2 from 21 to 1:17 with more c// revelations for Memorial Day 5-25-09. The song START WITH is direct dubbed @ 2:04 for better sound.

122a RATED X, .mov, 185MB, 1:20 hrs, 1-7-09.

         This starts like #120, about Teresa as a Ecko red, (that’s c// to Lael Echohawk, Ecko red = angry at me), and Mark & Cindy as c// to the TV show Mork and Mindy. Also I show the fruit bowl from the Three Wise Men’s tent as c// to guys that are called to come through, like my brothers and the flight attendants both share the #613 and that is c// to a fruit bowl for each of Joseph’s eleven brothers in the movie JOSEPH, KING OF DREAMS. I got a sign that Thomas Jefferson was a SUPERTRAMP for writing the Declaration of Independence and explain four other SUPERTRAMP presidents with Walt Disney that paved for my safety and victory at 1:47 on #127z, (from #22).  @ 11 I explain a sign about these classes: Budwiser, clean, crisp, refreshing, (because I’m honest and not afraid to tell the truth, except you have to be tolerant of these home movies by a disabled person, I think it will be good luck to you if you are more tolerant than critical about these). I show “baby Weems” on a scale as a sign that the black magic curses and ill will hits designed to make me gain weight was a big FAT sucker play on BIG FAT LIARS, that’s the girls who lose “the sweetest taboo”, (@ 3 on #125), for permission and help from heaven to do wild sex. I show the Levi’s #153 girl, (@ 20, and I just realized it’s also a picture of “I could’ve had a V-8”, or the loss of “happy days”). Since there is an oil refinery in that commercial I explain the music video LOVE SPREADS then some RATED X scenes as examples of that, also scenes from THE STAND because it looked like the pump stations on the Alaska pipeline and the wasTE, (was Total Ecstasy), of sex perms and the 9-11 disaster. @ 43 I show a painting, (from Grocery Outlet), and explain the ill will that has ruined my hot rolls, then the black magic motorcycle wrecks and I show scenes from all three of them in DEATH BECOMES HER as a sign of the price they will pay for their ill will, (the OJ is compounded by pure hate stealing credits for love lust sex, if you had good manners you’d say “thanks” for sex miracles). I explain the angel statue @ 1:03 with the song “how high can you fly with broken wings”, and the OJ lei as c// to the “I got lei’d in Hawaii” OJ  T-shirt. Then @1:10 is the ill will from gays that are too afraid to refrain from mocking “the one” like the Bush twins @ 1:15. That led to me doing #124 & 125 about the Bush twins, (twins with New York City in #125). The end of this is continued on #122. 

122     .mov, 198MB, 1:25 hours, 1-8-09.

        This is continued from 122a, I explain that both blacks and gays are afraid to support “the one” in spite of how much I have done for them. Then I show scenes from the movie OUTLAND that was prophetic of how blacks would sell out, (of course everyone has a “you’re so vain” shadow on their face, the media is the worst of all at taking magic from heaven on my be half and returning hatred for it). That made this a good place to insert a tape I recorded on Martin Luther King day that showed what Patton, MacArthur and Martin Luther King had in common when it was them vs communism, all three of them slipped on how God was going to deal with communism. That led me to do #124 about THE COLD WAR with communism verses the USA, from Yalta in 1945 to the Reagan administration in 1988. On #127h @ 1:40 to 2:08 I got signs that I had “absolute discernment” in explaining this, probably because this “know it all” was humble enough to say “I don’t know what I’m talking about” that God blessed me with enough wisdom to explain it well, (also read #127h about “Absolut discernment”).

        Since I told of the blacks selling out I had to balance it out with the blacks that have come through and almost came through, (like OLD YELLER). I’ve told of what Louis Armstrong did to help me out @ 47 to 58 on #57. This class is about what Martin Luther King did to pave the way for my safety. Also when I was Lead Operator in Ballast Water Treatment, (BWT), Ben Jack told me it’s not BWT but BTW because Booker T. Washington was protecting my safety there, (I owned a black Lincoln Mark V in Valdez and later a black Mark VII, that’s also a confirmation of the “black Abraham Lincoln” pavers for me). I tell about a murder attempt at BWT @ 1:22 to 1:29 on #44: “...the murder attempt in 1977 that was blocked out of my memory for 20 years until 1997”. I also explain that Ben Jack was an example of how everyone got too afraid of the Vogus Coward fashion dictated by the mass media to “pull for the one” @ 16 to 19, (or to 35), on #127x13 in my “last class and good bye”. That’s where I tell that Ben Jack and me would go out to the bars together in the late 1970s. I mention that because I show a good picture of those days in the movie PAINT YOUR WAGON synced to the song DEACON BLUES by Steely Dan @ 52 to 58 on #61. That’s where I explain that Pastor Willie and Ben Jack, (are black), are both white in that movie because sometimes blacks look white to “the one”, (Mad Jack was Ben Jack @ 47 on #61). One more story and sign is in the movie OUR FRIEND MARTIN, (Luther King). At 58 minutes into it is where a black guy with a red hat, (hat-red), hugs a white guy, but I was so mad at “the wrap on Rap music” and other blacks who didn’t come through that I couldn’t even imagine a black guy hugging a white guy. I knew that bad attitude was going to transmit through this show so I prayed that God would “fix me” and I believe God answered my prayer because in the next scene it looks like it was filmed from the bottom of a garbage can with two kids throwing garbage in it and I knew it was a sign that I had a “garbage mind”. (I’d forgotten that Ben Jack did give me a hug in the late 1970s because I’d been such a good friend to him.)

        I show OUTLAND @ 6 minutes, Martin Luther King as c// to Deets in LONESOME DOVE @ 21, APOCALYPSE NOW @ 23, scenes from PATTON @ 26, scenes from “MacArthur” @ 35, Martin Luther King’s biography with OUR FRIEND MARTIN and then MULAN starts @ 43. From 1:10 to the end at 1:25 I condense and re-show Admiral Halsey’s biography and a scene from THE FOUR SEASONS from #121, to show the new revelations I got about it when I play the song SOMEDAY AT CHRISTMASTIME by Stevie Wonder.

        I explain @ 18 minutes that the scenes from APOCALYPSE NOW is c// to when I needed a miracle to get delivered from being lazy, when I got that miracle I was amazed at just the little bit more work I had to do to be called “a good worker”. It’s true that many times it’s more trouble to get out of work than it is to do the work you are trying to get out of. I also list the events that conspired to make me lazy. There was one bit of advice that could’ve saved me from becoming lazy. I say that “the good old boy” system was very mean to me on the pipeline and very discouraging when I tried to do my job, (no good deed goes unpunished). I had a very good respect for Henry David Thoreau and I think it was him who said that if you keep on working under such discouraging circumstances that God will pay compound interest upon compound interest on your efforts. Thinking back to before I got so discouraged that I gave up and said “two can play that game, I’m not going to do anything unless you tell me to”. The times that I did keep working were blessed with such good results that it seemed to confirm that I was earning compound interest on my efforts, I only wish I could’ve seen that light at the end of the tunnel before I gave up and ended up so addicted to being lazy that it took a miracle to get delivered from it. That was the only time I ever got firm with God in claiming an answer to my prayers. I got loud and clear signs that God had delivered me from being lazy but I still didn’t feel like working. “You said I was delivered from being lazy now where is it? (!)” That’s when it started slow and then after a little while I was amazed that it had been more trouble to get out of work than it was to do the work I was trying to get out of.

         One more story I could tell about this and that’s in the first minute of class 1b. I said I was looking for a good motivation to work and I got it when I found out that God was boiling mad at me for not working hard enough. That worked so good to get me to work that I kept wondering why I didn’t get that a month earlier, (because I thought I would die in 2-2010 and I didn’t have time to finish the the table of contents for these classes). Turns out I didn’t die 2-2010 and then I had to do a class, (#173), about not boxing God in on what’s going to happen because you always have to leave room for God to be God if you don’t want to be crushed by disappointment. Another thing good about that is that now I have no excuse for not working on this every day, it’s like God gave me the extra time I needed to finish this. I should ad that on #127k I told of the black magic curse to make me gain weight since 1-29 1-2009 and by 4-12-09 I did that class to say, (except I don’t think I said it well enough), that I’d given up on fighting that black magic curse because it was stealing time away from from finishing this work I have to do. As proof of that my weight went from 180# to 197# and even then it was still hard to get work done on this. I can’t believe how much the FBI has increased their black magic on me to if I ever even take just a glimpse out the window they are ready for me with messages on license plates or somebody sitting across from my window or walking by. These have caused lengthy distractions from my job that have now been overruled by God getting boiling mad at me. That finally provided the motivation to weed out unnecessary jobs and get better priorities on my jobs.   

123 = .mov, 235MB, 1:42 hours, 1-10-09 and “redidit” in iMovie on 8-12-10.

    I referred to this class 123, (on the Welcome page at,  to explain the "rapture" of the church has already happened, (as I believe God has revealed it). Also from class #79 is a divine sign that gay men are THE RELUCTANT DRAGON that should be welcomed into society by the church. That part of the class is mainly to the church and is in the first 35 minutes. I show part of Toy Story 2 from class #120, then #60 where I show my first revelation that the end of the world would not be as implied in the Bible. The scenes from Barbie in the Nutcracker got me to do another patriotic detour, (like in #179c and 180a). Like those two, this one also had new revelations that come when I get better at retelling these patriotic stories, especially when it fulfills the predictions of the end of the world in the bible. Then I cover Obama's election, the mass media and their evil tendency to get us to worship their idols, then I propose a solution for that. I show how God got me, (and Walt Disney as Jiminey Cricket), to work for Her by promising us sex through Janet Jackson's song YOU WANT THIS?.  I expose how unpatriotic the pornos have been. I mention Martin Luther King, Patton, MacArthur and Reagan because they are in the classes before and after this class 123.       

          These are notes from class 122:     I showed what Patton, MacArthur and Martin Luther King had in common when it was them verses communism, all three of them slipped on how God was going to deal with communism. That led me to do class #124 about THE COLD WAR with communism verses the USA, from Yalta in 1945 through the Reagan administration in 1988. On #127h @ 1:40 to 2:08 hours I got signs that I had "absolute discernment" in explaining this, probably because this "know it all" was humble enough to say "I don't know what I'm talking about" that God blessed me with enough wisdom to explain it well, (also read #127h about Absolut discernment).

        I got an email from Naomi asking what Toy Story 2 had to do with the bible in #123, I thought I’d include my response to her here:

    Hi Naomi,

        I've done hundreds of hours of classes and the last 14 classes have been in iMovie, (1a, 88, 123, and 173 to 183). When I re-tell and condense these stories I've been skipping the details because when I capture just the highlights it tells a whole new story with greater meaning. Sometimes that means a class needs to be watched twice, (even for me), to get up to speed with how fast I'm covering information. There is another problem of not seeing the divine signs that God is sending because of a lack of imagination, that was the message in the song MY LITTLE TOWN at 1:34 hours on class 182a2. To get the story in context requires to watch it from 1:23 to 1:48 hours because it’s about my home town and state, San Jose, California, that had the same problem that you mentioned to me, and this was my response to them.

        After I sent that email I got four big signs that she was being deliberately evil to not see the divine signs that I explained fairly well, (for being a disabled person).

124 = 1-14-9, 1:59 hours.

        I cover “the cold war” from the Yalta conference in World War II through the Reagan administration and the late 1980s. I think because I was humble enough to say “I don’t know what I’m talking about” that God blessed me with “Absolute discernment” on this, explained in the second to the last paragraph of 127h on this page. Then I cover “signs” that my Miss Rights and New York were Grinch, Grind, Scrooges that accused me of their flaws. I cover some politics and then my relationship with the Bush twins that led to doing #125 since they were “c//” to me and New York City. .mov

125 = 1.14.09, 2:05:01 hrs.

         Another c// from #124 is Tip O’neil (sp?) to Reagan in this blueprint of a graceful way for New York to admit defeat, (to God), and to admit they knew the 911 disaster was coming and stop their denial of it, (also on #127k). There were good songs to explain this, the Bush twins in #124 helped remind me of it, actually God set it up so I would play these songs next. Then the Athens olympic’s as c// to Hercules, and Queen”s song: “Another one bites the dust”, (the “Mr Bigstuff” people that have taken over Disney, pushed God a little too far). The end is a “sign” of  a crisis (that’s cry-S.I.S. from “Sleepless in Seattle is history”), because its c// to crying in the elevator in “Miracle on 34th St.”, then the over-run scene of a church is a Miss Rights struck out “wit”.

        There’s more on this, (read 182c below, about “Stupid Girl”), or at #125 on page 12 of . It explains how the Bush presidents sins were over exposed so I wouldn’t slip when I found out, (on the fly), that Bill Clinton was parallel Randal Flagg In THE STAND, there’s a short video about it called “The 666 media”.

126a = RATED X,1-18-09, 2:02 hrs.

         I show the parallels in the movies “Aftershock: Earthquake in New York” and in “The Shawshank Redemption” that were prophetic of the 911 disaster. There’s a Rated X scene at 1:02 and in the last 10 minutes that I “redidit” better at 1:17 on #108. I show the movie Narnia as a “Buffalo Blue” election battle and blue print that didn’t come true. The song “break out” that I synced with Narnia, still had a blue print value for my premature death, but I will let #63 explain it.

        (From #63.)  After “The King and I” scene I play the song “Break out”, because as I explain afterwards, it was parallel to my leaving Alaska and the pornos, and a hopeful song for the 2008 elections. To prove what a “hopeful song” that was to the 2008 elections I played it in sync with a scene from Narnia on #126; but the “blue print” plan for good clean government was rejected. However the “break out” song now applies my escape from earth to go to heaven early, hence that’s why I played it. What follows is a revelation I got from reading the last two paragraphs. (I read it to you and explain it more on #126b, below.) .mov

126b = 30 min, 7.14.09.

        Explains the  #1148. I found 15 minutes of #112 that would confirm what I just typed on 126a, (at, pg 12). I read #126a and explain it, and the 15 min of #112 before I show it to you. I show an example of the value of “my penny conversations” i.e. when God graces you with Her presence, even a disabled dysfunctional mess like me can have divine wisdom and

        The reason there are so many #127 classes is because I thought I was supposed to quit working on these at the end of 127b, (the #127 is a quit work sign in psalm 127). I’ve never died before and there’s been some misunderstanding between my departure time and God’s version of it, (see #186, 13 minutes long). After I ran out of letters for classes 127a to 127z I had to do class #173 in March 2010 because I thought I might die February 2010 and that didn’t happen. I can see why, it was because I finally started doing classes in iMovie. From #173 to 186 the iMovie classes are at least twice as good as the classes I did on a VCR, (that’s #1b to 127y2 or about 90% of these classes).

127a&b & 1a. 1:11 hrs, 1.26.09.

         I show “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” as how I get poisoned by bad information and need to get the truth as the antidote. That’s how my partner Bruce Lee dies in this movie, then comes back as a kid that shows him doing a “homies oj” on the Chinese. I also cover real estate booms, Realtors and Ray Maybe. After I made this case for public housing I noticed a C// in the song “King of the road” and explain it on

127c = 1:31 hrs, 3.18.09.

         This is  continued from #1b because I wanted to elaborate on the “jackpot turn off” but I don’t get to that until #127d because of irresistible detours that came up in the movie South Pacific that required me to do a catharsis of finding more scenes, (like in Cinderella), to prove my checkmate against the “queen of the Grind” Miss rights that didn’t come through. South Pacific, brandy,TB ,wooly bully

127d = 2:01 hrs. Is 3.18.09 continued from 127c for 20 min until I finally get back to 3.12.09 because I wanted to put the whole “jackpot 9.4.8 turn off” talk on one dvd for better continuity. This is RATED X from about 1:21 on. The end was a over-run sign that caused #127h

127e1 = 2:07 hours, 5.2.09.

         I combined 127e & f & i, (and “redidit” to slam dunk the stars & por-nos 86ed), to get “King of the road” on one dvd. I explain the “King of the road” song as a Jesus’ return song and cover “the stars” verses the public, (my response to the ill will back LASH I got to this SC is on 127q1) . From 20 to 55 min I took a sex ed detour (a RATED R scene from an X movie to show the tattoo of a kid with balloons that is a ”c//” to the song “Levon”, by Elton John).

     The Last Star Fighter @ 1:02 hrs is about Rori and me, (and is c// to me and the military @1:30 min on #1b, its a military 1129 oj, i.e. you are 86ed for being a V.C. and mocking me, just like Rori; “Oh ye of little faith” and faithfulness. Like in the movie Grease: “Don’t be a slob and get a job, go back to class you can pass.” That refers to the “Beauty school drop out” song @ 58 min on

127e2 = 2:08 hours. On Memorial day 5.25.09.

         I wanted to recopy the patriotic detour on 127e (at, so it made more sense. I was glad I finally got the motivation and energy to look up all that information but it needed to be elaborated on and organized better, (Memorial day: celebrate it vs mock it). Memorial day provided the motivation to do it over and better. It’s continued on 127e3 & e4. One thing I have to explain is at 56 min; I cover BB63 as the #63 and that means “obvious”, then I insert the C// scene of BB63 in the movie “An Officer and a Gentleman”. When I record these I don’t get to preview it because my Samsung VCR has a “Pause” that lasts ten minutes and I just keep adding scenes until I’m done. When I got to see what I recorded I thought “Damn, I crossed the ‘you’re so vain’ line!”. Then I got a sign that it was in God’s will to show you what kind of guy God picked to represent Jesus’ return. (It’s not me as ‘God’, just me tricked into doing this calling.) I re-show it and explain it on 127e4 and

127e3  2:08 hrs, 5.26 & 7.18.09.

        I continue #127e2 about Pearl Harbor and egs and show the c// to Ms Rights that didn’t come through. From 51 minutes on I got detoured on “soar losers” and “get over it”, it’s good information but the continuity could be better. I re-explain that mocking me mercilessly has bought me an early ticket to

127e4 = 1:26 hrs, 3-16 & 7-31-09.

        The #731 means “it’s a wrap”, I mention a few times that this was the last job I had to do to finish my job, anything I did after this is the icing on the cake, but this is the cake or “the bottom line”. I show the news on TV when they first opened the USS Missouri in Pearl Harbor January 1999 and on 9-2-05 when they covered the 60th VJ day on “the MO”. Both times they show Murray Yudelowitz, a former crew member who flew here from New York. Murray says “I leave you with two words, WE REMEMBER”. I explain that was a sign that he didn’t have come back to Pearl Harbor because his job was done, and that it was parallel that my job was done also. (There’s more on this at page 13 at mike overson end

127f   24 min, 3.17.09.

         Is the last part of explaining the “King of the road” song and the feedback from the FBI (a condensed version of 127e & f  is on 127e1) . Also my feedback to Miracle Grow, to keep their name and try to become famous for how well they repent, (like I’ve done). The lady I refer to in South Pacific is on 50a @ 1:47 minutes. I also explain the college 529 plan and what its done to the schools in the USA, (also read #74 above)

127g = RATED X, 2:07 hrs, 6.4.09, (I had a blank spot at 127g and filled it in with this one, thats why its not in chronological order).

        Rated R or X when I go through a Pabo magazine. Pec the songs: Brass in my pocket (I’m special); Come undone; Election day (D of nukes in July of 95)  & Smooth operator. Pec more proof of God being the “xcel pro” of getting sex perms and how insane it is to keep fighting against an omnipotent God. I explain Red Robin, Sade; Obama and the help he got from the one (me). I talked about Jessie Rivera on this sc. If you want to see him and his wife and daughter, its on #57 at 39 minutes.

127h = RATED X, 2:09 hrs, 3-29-09.

         The scene from “Hawaiian Blast” that I recorded at 329 p.m. on 3-29, 3-2009 confirmed the first revelation on 3-29-02 of the same scene of Peter North and Kobe Tai and the little bit of sex, (for me), that heaven needed to prevent the 9.11 disaster. The #329 means “chicken caesar” and this video confirmed how afraid women and the por-nos are to do God’s will, even when the cost is so astronomical for not doing so.

        Hustler made a porno called “The world’s luckiest patient” and that was another “sign” of how much sex I was supposed to be getting from the porno girls to take the place of my hons, (Venus). The song “If you can’t be with the one you love, honey love the one you are with” by Stephen Stills was permission from my hons to do this, until I could have sex with my hons in heaven. There are very many pornos of a nurse having sex with a patient and one nurse resembled Juliet Lewis who starred in the movie “Cape Fear”. That’s CF or “see F” and a sign that the por-nos got an “F” for obeying God’s request to make me the “luckiest patient” or even the little bit of sex to prevent the 911 disaster.

         While recording this I got a “c//” sign that my battle with women was c// to “the cold war” with the USSR. I also got a sign that I had “absolute discernment” when I was covering “the cold war” in #122b and #124 and include some clips of it in this video. Another sign is Absolut vodka’s ads have been very accurate with “Absolut OJ” across from “We have a winner” (Hillary elected senator 11.2000) in Talk magazine 2.2001. Then “Absolut howling” (wolves) on the back cover of The New Yorker magazine 10.2001 (after the absolute oj on New York 9.11.01 for voting for the wrath of God when they elected Hillary in 2000). Then the “Absolut discernment” ad that I show in this video. Another rated X class that turned patriotic is 103, (you can read it on this page) . I think these two are more than a coincidence, but I don’t know enough to explain it now.

        This starts with showing the c// of Jenny McCarthy and MTV to her in “Babes of Baywatch” by Playboy and a c// lady in the movie Dragon and a c// lady in a porno. Also scenes from “Sleepless in Seattle”, that I obeyed the signs I got to go to New York city in 1986 & 1994. In the first hour of 127e1  I cover me obeying God’s requests about sex verses those who didn’t, like in this

127i = 2:08 hrs, 3.31.09.

         I had to step on some toes with a “get over it” talk (also on 127L).  I continue “King of the road” (65 and 75 mph) from 127e & f (all 3 of these are condensed on 127e1). I explain how to play a “seniority trump card” on the USA and  Denmark verses USA’s safety net. “Get it on, bang a gong” was prophetic of this sc (@ the the last 3 min).  Also a scene from “Mulan”

127j = 2:08 hrs, 4.3.09.

         I got a new building manager that was the third in a row that was blatantly working with the FBI against me and so this is the second time I’ve had to do a video to match their evil innuendos back to them. Then I do a talk (mostly to republicans) about how I’ve gotten less prejudice against democrats as an example of how God may use Obama like FDR and I was hoping the republicans would have an open mind about it. A condensed version is on 127e2. .mov

127k = 2:08 hrs, 4.12.09.

         I show “The Perfect Storm” as an example how people may get hurt by my early departure and hopefully this will smooth it over. At 29 to 33 minutes is from #125 as a “c//” to the 9.11 disaster. I explain WAR60 as a “big red boat”, (also on 127L), and that the mocking and persecution of me is speeding up my departure. That led to another death bed sermon that I normally wouldn’t have given and I explain some things that Jesus said were just tricks to catch hypocrites and force us to use our brain. Then I explain that “back in time miracles” are just a magical memory lane visit and how I practically live in a back in time miracle (like “King of the road” on 127e1). The scenes in Lonesome Dove I mention at 1:56, I end up showing on 127s at 51 to 57 minutes and a “c//” is the last 7 minutes, and all on the 4th of July was a “fit wit” that Mexico should probably join the

127L = 1:26 hrs, 4.14 & 4.16.09.

        I explain the songs: Afternoon Delight with MTV & The Nightmare Before Christmas, then ABC by The Jackson Five. Elaborate on the red boat, WAR 60 from #127k. Delta Pam and the dp at the lake and Lyin’ Eyes by The Eagles. They steal away my diet and the beach so I play Steal Away by Robbie Dupree. Elaborate on the “get over it” talk from #127i. I show the Red Sun truck from 3.21.08 Good Friday then play the songs Red Rubber Ball, “Rock and Roll Lullaby” and “Reminiscing”

127m   Rated X, .mov, 299MB, 2:08 hrs. 4.18.09.

         I obeyed a call to cancel my plans and do this class, to explain the TLC color and the #628, Dumbo’s revenge flight and Horatio Hornblower: The Devil is the Duchess, (a fruit bowl oj). I explain the songs: Levon, (one of 3 songs that refer to balloons and sex that I summed up better in the first hour of 127e1), Tiny Dancer and then Lido on my rhythm nation drive, and when I learned God liked secular music better than christian music, then I tell a story that is re-told in the next paragraph. I show and explain RATED X scenes that were c// to my life. In the last 22 minutes I explain and play music videos by Brandy that show what its like to be courted by the Holy Spirit.

The following is from #73.

       Although the song “you are the wind beneath my wings” was a sign from Walt Disney to me it obviously applies much more from me to Walt Disney for all the “arrow heads” he left for me to give away. In the movie “Old Yeller” the oldest boy gives an arrow head to a girl that was a sign of the Candid Camera TV show: “ When its least expected you’re elected you are our star today, smile you’re on Candid Camera”. The girl was Ray Holmes daughter, he said he’d never heard a southern accent in a movie and the first time he did it was his own daughter. Her dad in the movie was a sign of John Holmes, (not Ray), as the city of Valdez being too lazy to pay God back for all the sex favors that God blessed them with, (explained @1:16 on #127m). The favor God wanted in return was that same guy as Mr. Otis at 34 minutes into #26 where I show the Disney movie “Johnny Tremain”. In Valdez they knew how much the movie 1776 applied to them, that I was parallel John Adams and they were supposed to help me gain “Independence” from the tyranny of women, especially from my wife who was trying to make such a fool of me in Valdez. Like the start of the song Evil Woman: “You made a fool of me, but them broken dreams have got to end.” (Read the c// @ #22.)

127n = 2:03 hrs, 4.23.09.

         I show that the “Hawaii Lei of Stars” show on 5.2.09 was a c// to a “Twilight Zone” show and c// Randy West porno (Rated R) and the c// in The Man Without a Face. (Also the license plate TZs529 is a c// to this sc and 127e1 on 5.2.09, and my response to the back LASH is on 127q1.) Yummy bears c// Elton John’s song “someone saved my life to night sugar bear”. I show the feedback from the FBI over my last sc, #127M. It was 834 to quit the pornos but it would’ve been 837 (a labor of love and lust) if the por-nos would’ve payed me in money, sex or just in respect, to keep being “the cheering section” (like in Singing in the Rain) for the girls to be Venuses.  Continued on

127o  FBI feedback; yummy bears; 60s songs. 1:17 hrs. Continued from 127n with the same topics, except I explain signs I got that some songs may be a way to get in touch with me after I’m gone. Also a song that explains a way to heal the wounds of traumatizing experiences like the 9.11

127p = RATED X, 5.27.09,pec pg 469 early exit, clean sex vs boring sex. 2:08 hrs. 5.27.09, Rated X. This was a spontaneous sc but I covered a lot of details, like in clean sex verses boring sex, and show some examples in the pornos. The picture goes bad at 1:17 for one minute but the sound is still good. .mov

127q1 = RATED X 6.11.09, KAL & 007 & JBS and CFR Stang (see117a & b) Rated X 2:08 hrs. 6.11.09.

         This is about soar losers (736), like “Max a million Caddy” (DeNiro), in Cape Fear. Its also about the back LASH (from the FBI and the “stars”) to 127e & 127e1. I replay the part that made them mad, to show why they are so mad at me and to show what they did to get me back. I show scenes from Cape Fear that show that Nick Nolte was playing my hons (God), and how praying is counted as sex with God. That was to explain a rated X scene that was a “sign” of me praying. When I had to show one X scene, I thought I might as well show a few more signs I found in the por/nos. I found more information that helps explain two Korean Airlines jet crashes that were actually the motivation for this video, because I didn’t want the information to go to waste or be forgotten, so it got me to do this video because I realized it was do it now or

127q2 = RATED X 6.19.09 brandy & church girls knew it & didn't do it. Rated X; the warrior is a child. 2:08 hrs. 6.19.09, one rated X scene.

         I explain the end of 127q1 with the start of 100b as it applies to the song “the warrior is a child”; and the C// por/no scenes of me obeying God’s call verses (the church) girls who didn’t, and then compounded their sin when they mocked me for obeying what the lord asked me to do. Just like in 127r where I cover how much I was required to get pictures of myself at Pearl Harbor and how much I was mocked for doing so. The start of this SC is a lot of “C//” wits that are hard to follow at first, but it makes sense when I finish showing what I’m talking about. 

        The motivation for this SC was an “I love you, good bye” to Brandy. It was just like I did with the TLC (The Latin Connection) on #100, and to California on #25, and to the por/nos on #104 (I explain that these are an after glow thrill of doing things in God’s will on 116b, 6.25.09 sc). The “good bye” part was the “get over it” scene replayed from The Little Mermaid on #102 & 127q1, because it keeps getting clearer. Just like the por/nos and the NFL that are mad that their shows are so “video aged” (boring), is also covered with more “soar loser” information. On 109a, from 1:29 to 1:39, I explain how Brandy became a soar looser and how God used her mocking me to get me to admit my calling to represent Jesus‘ return. mov

127r = 2:08 hrs. 6.21.09.

         I explain about half of the pictures I’ve taken since May 1997. On the day I moved in here (5.9.97 to apt 420), I missed capturing an awesome sight because I forgot I had a disposable camera. That was a sign to never be caught without a camera again. I retell how all those who knew the 9.11 disaster was coming went into denial after they saw how terrible it was and then tried to accuse me of their sins with “You knew!” (and didn’t tell us). [Then I tell it again on 109a.] I play the song “Material girl” by Madonna and realize it was a C// to when I talked about Obama earlier in the SC. The picture of the Copyrite store (at 2:02), can be seen as the Super Geeks store they changed it to, in a clip I pasted on at the end of this. .mov

127s    RATED X, 2:08 hrs, 7.4.09.

         I think I got tricked into doing a SC but I’m sure glad I did because it was blessed with a lot of “4th of July” magic, including a sign that Mexico should probably join the United States. I first mention that on 127k above, except this time I show the scenes from Lonesome Dove that I just talked about at 1:56 on 127k. This is rated X for all the signs I show in the porno ads. The “Hi Rose” porno that I talk about is at the very end of #53 in a short over run scene, The luck I had with this caused me to do 127t the next day. At the last 8 minutes of this I call Google’s bluff (to get them to list my web site), and I had to do it again at the start of #127u. The first 15 minutes of 127v is what was deleted from 127s, (I celebrated my Forth of July class by filming the fireworks with Glenn Miller music and my strawberry waffles), so I could fit in the last 8 minutes of 127s to call Google’s bluff, (to get them to list my web site)

127t = 2:08 hrs, 7.5.09. 

        Because I got lucky on the 4th of July I felt obligated to explain it and celebrate it with another SC the next day. I wasn’t sure this was a good one until I used so many over-runs of it on 117a, the SC I did 7.6.09. Both times I explain the TV show: “Cheetahs in the Land of Lions” as a play on words that the eastern states (not just New England), are “cheaters in the land of lions, (that got expanded to all the USA at the end of 127z). The last 12 minutes I play the songs of the Ipanema girl (sp?) as the Levi’s “Reason no.153” girl, and “tell me sweet little lies”,(if you want to get sex miracles from heaven). Then I show the signs I found at each of the ten minute chapters on

127u  .mov, 211MB, 1:31 hrs, 7.20.09.

        At the end of 127s, I had to call Google’s bluff (that they wouldn’t list my web site), I had to do it again at the start of this one. (Google finally listed my web site @ 127w below.) It was a good time to call the military’s bluff also, i.e. who’s got power behind their threats and and who’s just bluffing. There’s also some suggestions to changing the way the military does things. Then I explain some New York “Ms Rights” and play the songs: You are a native New Yorker, and: The eyes of a New York woman. There are a few signs in the over-run scenes that compliment this, (also #126b and 127u are about about big dippers to New York that were c// to the USA). I got feedback of how much the girls liked this when I had to break my Samsung VCR just to get the tape of this class out. That really made recording these classes difficult because most VCRs have only a 5 minute pause verses the Samsung that had a ten minute pause. I explain the difference in the classes I recorded after this one. See other NASA classes at #32, 37, 90, 127x06 & 172, and the military parallel in # 1c, 21, 127u & 127x11.

127v   RATED X, (@ 32 min), .mov, 97MB, 40 min, 7-4 to 7-13-09.

         The first 15 minutes is what was deleted from 127s so I could fit in the last 8 minutes of 127s to call Google’s bluff, (to get them to list my web site). When I’m explaining that the #932 is like being branded a “Benedict Arnold”, I get a very big confirmation from a over-run scene of the “queen of hearts” who got John the Baptist beheaded, (her power play and sin has reverberated through history even worse than Benedict Arnold’s treachery has). That her parallel was trying to get Alice beheaded by chasing her through a copy of the Dole Pineapple Plantation Maze, (from #114), was a picture of how much the women, (especially in Hawaii), have tried to kill “the one”, (me). That was a scene from a video called “Hawaiian Postcard” and I explain that Hawaii’s tourism got a lot of help from me for free until these ill will hits and murder attempts killed my desire to help. Then I show a big parallel to how much I should’ve been payed by the pornos, (Tracy Bingham specifically), just like the line from Mel Gibson in the movie THE MAN WITHOUT A FACE, “The tourist board should pay me.”. I explain the sign on a shop that reads “Twins Jewelry” as an example of the 86ed effect on the two newspapers in Hawaii that is parallel to the Bush twins and the pornos 86ed, (RATED X @ 32 min). That’s a lead in to explaining page 8,10 and 9,11 and page 14 at mike overson end It helps explain the 9-11 disaster and how I lost my home on the lake in Alaska, (you can’t argue with the green eyed monster, you can only accommodate her). I show how cruelly the FBI has been mocking me.

127w  .m4v, 30 min, 8-13-09.

         I had to do this class after Google finally listed my web site, (read #127u above). When my iWeb wasn’t working I put #177 here with 127w as the last half hour of it. When I got iWeb working again I moved the six hour class that was here to #177 because that six hours was continued from 176. This class, 127w, was done on a VCR but I “redidit” in iMovie at the end of class 177. That version is much better than this one but I left this #127w in .m4v because the thumbnail was of the Les Miz girl Ephonine, and it was a sign that Google was similar to the trouble I had from K. Swan, I explain that in the next class 127x01&2.

127x01&2  Heard call & obeyed vs disobeyed and the sex losses from it, 8-14 to

127x03   Most of the videos from page 4, 9 & 14 on Just for reference or a better copy than the tiny movie copy from page 4, 9 & 14 on mike overson end

127x04  .mov, 306MB, 2:08 hrs, 9-5-09.

        I show MichaelAngelo’s Fresco of The last judgment in the Sistine chapel, (also on x06, x07 & #119), and talk about MichaelAngelo defending the nudity he painted in the Sistine chapel as c// to me defending pornos as c// to me representing Jesus’ return and the “big dipper” offer of sex and pornos to women to “change your evil ways before I stop loving you”, (see a video with that song by Santana) . While doing this class I learned the #952 means the song I play called RED RUBBER BALL. Then seven minutes later at 959 on 9-5-09 I find out that CEOs have been branded as demons just like women have been branded as demons.

        I show a Microsoft commercial that says, (be you), “be unreasonable”... show them that it can be done. Then I show the sign “We can’t spell success without u”, (from #49 on page 4 of Those both confirm I’m God’s “loving ONE MAN SHOW” that I mention in #1a1:

                                                                    From #001a1 at the top of this page.

        The main point of my website is that God asked me to represent Jesus's return, after I obeyed the call then I had to make a public record of it, that's at, here at .info and at Being "the one" God picked to do this job I was set up with a lot of songs and movies to explain what God was going to accomplish through me, like this one: "maybe he's no Romeo but he's my loving ONE MAN SHOW, lets hear it for the boy" by Denise Williams, (@ 1:17 hrs on #75). Instead of the church and the public obeying God's request to, "let's hear it for the boy", I've been mocked so much that God will be ending these classes and my life soon, i.e. my job is done and I get to go home early.

        That led to me showing scenes from the movie Amadeus, (@ 42 to 1:01 hrs here on 127x04), where I paint christians as Saliari who is mad at God for picking me, (as c// to Mozart), to be “the bride of Christ” so I could be “carried across the threshold” to represent Jesus’ return. I got signs to explain my calling to, (be you), “be unreasonable”... show them that it can be done, (@ 31 to 1:03 hrs). Actually it was God’s plan as follows.

                                                                        The next line is from #50b.

        I show God as the tough boss in the movie MULAN who said, “How many people does it take to deliver a message?”, the answer was “One.”. That was God showing off who is “ALL POWERFUL” and who isn’t at all, (to “the powers that be”).

        When I explain that Jim Richardson was parallel Saliari in Amadeus, I noticed the time is 11:13 and that’s parallel my 11-13-95 AOL on MTV. On class #97, (@ 1:27 to 1:45 hrs), I painted MTV as Salari verses Mozart, (that’s MTV verses me), because they can’t hear from God either, (like fake christians in the church can’t). That’s why heaven paints them, (MTV), as THE MUNSTERS, (#41 @ 54 min), or as the HOLLYWOOD SQUARES or as the SUPER GEEKS, (#127r @ 2:02 to 2:13 hrs), who are stealing the credits for the magic, love and wisdom heaven sends down in the music they played on MTV. The following is from #107: That made this a good place to insert my defense against those who call me the antichrist (from #7c). Worst of all is MTV again with a commercial painting me and Jesus as the devil (!), while they steal credits for the love, magic and wisdom that heaven sends down in the music they play on MTV. (When I smoked cigars, I would hold my breath at this commercial because they were trying to catch me in sync with the smoke they blow passed the crucifix while calling it “Satan”.) Didn’t you used to have two World Trade Centers in New York City, what ever happened to those? Since the FBI deliberately misinterprets these innuendos I’ll spell it out. The 9-11 disaster was “what a price to pay” for your damn lies and mocking God and me on MTV. This web site is also about the few thousand dominos that could’ve prevented the 9-11 disaster, if only one domino had gone the right way it would’ve prevented the 9-11 disaster. MTV had more than their fair share of dominos that could’ve come through but didn’t. That’s a good lead in to more proof of preventing the 9-11 disaster and the sex that was thrown away that comes next.

        From 1:10 to 1:55 I combine clips from other classes that are parallel that Microsoft commercial that says, (be you), “be unreasonable”... show them that it can be done. Because the paper floating down in that commercial has become the symbol of “ a brilliant idea ridiculed”. I show and tell the parallel scenes and stories of the sex, (and the World Trade Centers), that were thrown away because God’s brilliant ideas were ridiculed, (rw=1032 confirms because it means the 9-11 disaster was “Mac for dummies”). I just got a sign, (rw=1008/1009), that is parallel the “Planet Janet” AOL I did on 10-08-95 that was mocked so bad I had to do an angry AOL on 10-09-95 explained at #128F below. Those two “rw”s confirms “The 9-11 disaster was ‘what a price to pay’ for your damn lies and mocking God and me on MTV.”. Fortunately l include the permission for sex that was also lost for compounding and hopefully convincing proof of how stupid that was. It’s another “sad poetic justice” that after this 9-11 info I find out at 1251 p.m. that the #1251 means ALL women have sold out against God. Mary was the only woman who didn’t. The long version of this is at 16 minutes on 127x05.

         I recently realized how God got both Mary and me to come through when the odds were against it. At 1:22 to 1:27 hrs on #127p I explain the #547 from a porno that is a picture of God having sex with me, (to save my life from murderers). Since Mary bore God’s son I realized the one thing we had in common was sex with God, (that carried us to come through). Then rw=1042, (on TB’s 3-18-10), means “what you had and what you lost” and I believe that refers to #127q2 where I show two porno stars named “Angel” as a sign of how much help they were getting from heaven in the pornos to do great sex. That’s fits with the conclusion of this.

        From 2:01 to the end at 2:08 I show a scene from SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER that was a sign of how I was supposed to work with the porno business that is condensed from 127y2, (1:03 to 1:14 hrs). That’s where I showed “TB’s750” was Traci Bingham’s calling as a porno star with a parallel Sophie Ferrari porno scene, (an elaborated and RATED X version of these two ladies is on #175 @ 23 to 44 min). This ends with Brandy as CINDERELLA then a scene from THE LITTLE MERMAID where Ursala says to the little mermaid “The solution to your problem is simple... you need to become a human.”. To which the mermaid gasps “Can you do that?!” That’s where I can lip sync the song to so many of my Ms Rights, that it was my calling to make them human. It’s another, “God’s brilliant ideas were ridiculed” away.

127x05   RATED X for 2 minutes @ 1:06, .mov, 220MB, 1:34 hrs, 9-5, and 9-7-09.

         This is continued from 127x04, “I find out at 1251 p.m. that the #1251 means ALL women have sold out against God. Mary was the only woman who didn’t.” The long version of this is at 16 to 57 minutes on 127x05, also the long big dipper offer to women to come through. There are other stories that needed to be finished, like gays and people in the church that are too afraid to stand up for God. At 18 minutes I summarize the ill will hits and hinderances that have put a damper on these classes and how much better they could’ve been done with a little more help, (read c// @ #41). I show and explain parts of the movies The Beauty and the Beast @ 44, WHAT A WONDERFUL LIFE @ 50, ANASTASIA @ 56,  Home Alone 2 from 1:09 to the end at 1:34.

127x06   I explain the song “Bye bye Miss American pie” and show how it applies to NASA and Maxim magazine. The Fox 2/5 talent contest @ 1:55 hrs is c// to the “I’m weaning you of your crutch” picture on #23 @ 1:53.  See other NASA classes at #32, 37, 90, 127x06 & 172, and the military parallel in # 1c, 21, 127u & 127x11. (C// women OJs on #62 & 84, 99 & 127x07.)

127x07 I combine American Pie SCs & Anastasia & the Cold War. Explain David Koresch as John Brown & in 127x8. (C// women OJs on #62 & 84, 99, 127x06, 127x07 & 127x08.)

127x08   RATED X, .mov, 298MB, 2:08 hrs, 9-16-09.

         I show what a porno star, (Shane), and Nancy Reagan and Hawaii girls have in common, (women have been called THE UNREACHABLE STAR and this is a picture of it). Which made this a good time to show the scenes from the movie THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST that defended how much Hawaii has come through. I noticed a confirmation in that movie of a warning I gave to Hawaii, it’s when “the beast” has got Gaston by the throat then there is lightening right when Gaston begs for mercy. The warning I gave is in a message that I typed at #49 on page 4 of I said that the label “Reese Sticks King Size”, (@47 & 1:25 on #53), was going to STICK to Hawaiians as HAWAIIAN PUNCH if they don’t stop the “over kill” in their fighting. The lightening when Gaston begs for mercy was a sign of Not Notice the Terror, in other words you DON’T want to be branded a beast in your fighting, (poor Japan got a “Kocha” with the red sun on their flag for their attack on Pearl Harbor, but I saw a “curse reversed” sign on #174 @ 2:41 hrs with Reese hot & spicy sardines). I just got another confirmation of that, (red sun), because it’s 10:45 a.m. 3-14-10 Sunday, and that’s parallel the “red sun” clock at 11:45 at a triple confirmation of explaining the red sun on the Japanese flag in #127y3 below, (@ 31 and 50 minutes). I also got a triple confirmation just now at rq 1024 a.m., rw 1036 and rq at 1047, (I’m a slow typer), that Hawaii is going to get branded with HAWAIIAN PUNCH if they don’t stop the over kill in their fighting. Those three, (time), signs got me to elaborate on this, (and show that scene from Beauty and the Beast), on #174 @ 2:42 hours also a “curse reversed” sign on #174 @ 2:41 hrs with Reese hot & spicy sardines.

        I also show a divine “DeFENSe” of David Koresch and me in the movie FALLING DOWN. We were both possessed by a demon in 1993, (before HELL FREEZES OVER in 1994), those demons tricked me and Koresch into to making a fool of ourselves but this was God defending how well we did under the circumstances. I mention that Kathy Troccoli is parallel the lady that works with Robert Duvall, (who is parallel me), in that movie, I explain her song EVERYTHING CHANGES in #174 below.

        (Stephani Gosk from ABC news is on #69 @ 1:19, 127x08 @ 1:40, 127x11 @ 8 &1:30, 127z @ 1:11.)

127x09 RATED X, NASA556 = Outland, Rasputin, Lamancha & Matt. Blue Crush, (c// #67), Hilton Head &

127x10 I explain the 941 prayer, Home Alone 1 & 2, Beauty & the Beast and What a Wonderful Life, (big dippers).mov

127x11  .mov, 306MB, 2:08 hrs, 9-21-09.

        I show scenes of ABC in Iraq with Stephani Gosk and her c// scene in UNDER SIEGE. I show “the dp is clear” improvements in the pornos, then they get 86ed for mocking me. I explain part of  The Crush  and Death Becomes Her. The Bible vs other books (in White Fang & in Iraq, retold from 127y1). I show “egs” that deceived me to drink in The Sound of Music and that deceived me to laugh at greatness. “The dp is clear” oj with three porno scenes at the end. This is from #21 above: On #127x11, (from 1:09 to 2:08), I got lucky and bold at explaining how much help the military got from heaven on my behalf, and the “evil gods” that are expert liars at mocking and denying it, (also read #23). I show how I was seduced and deceived by an “eg” to laugh at “greatness”, (Winston Churchill). Then a scene from THE SOUND OF MUSIC where the Captain refused to “go along to get along” and escaped from the Nazi party. Then it ends with a divine coincidence of a guy, (that’s parallel as me and my “up, up and away” balloon of sex perms, see 21 to 56 minutes on 127e1 that confirms this), giving a massage to two girls in “the bay area” where I had a linen supply truck route that and had a massage parlor as one of my stops. I show a sign from another porno, (RATED X), that God had a lady from that massage parlor busted for prostitution for not obeying the lord to teach me sex when I was 17. It’s a good picture of the “red carpet” treatment women get from God through me and how stingy they are in return. That causes the red carpet treatment and the “up, up and away” in my beautiful balloon of sex perms to come to an end with just the memory of how good they had it before they threw it all away. See other NASA classes at #32, 37, 90, 127x06 & 172, and the military parallel in # 1c, 21, 127u & 127x11. (Stephani Gosk from ABC news is on #69 @ 1:19, 127x08 @ 1:40, 127x11 @ 8 &1:30, 127z @ 1:11)


127x12  THE LAST CLASS & GOODBYE Please read #110&111 that explains prayers I had to pray in1995 that is parallel to this class at 47minutes to 1:13.

127x13   THE LAST CLASS & GOODBYE for Vimeo & Facebook. Actually I as able to do 127y3, 127z, 88a, 1b, 131 and 173 to 180b after these two, “last classes” 127x12 &

127y1  8.30.09 cycle wreck, read the next class, 127y2. I explain the Bible vs other books, (in White Fang, then ABC covering the war in Iraq, retold on 127x11).mov

127y2  RATED X .mov, 175MB, 1:14 hrs, 8-29-09 & 8-31.

         The RATED X is at the end with Sophie Ferrari and the “Happy Days” sex of 1970s AWasTE with Saturday Night Fever music. I show a scene from The Stand with other signs that my cycle wreck the previous day, (on 127y1), was a black magic curse wreck and so were the three previous cycle wrecks and a sign of how I might die in one also. Chronologically 127x4 through 127x13 came next when I got on a hot roll of doing these classes until it got canceled at 127x12 & 13.

                                                                    The following is from 127x04.

        From 2:01 to the end at 2:08 I show a scene from SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER that was a sign of how I was supposed to work with the porno business that is condensed from 127y2, (@ 1:03 to 1:14 hrs). That’s where I showed “TB’s750” was Traci Bingham’s calling as a porno star with a parallel Sophie Ferrari porno scene, (an elaborated and RATED X version of these two ladies is on #175 @ 23 to 44 min).

127y3  .mov, 169MB, 1:14 hrs, 2-22-10.

         This is was the first recording since THE LAST CLASS & GOODBYE on 127x12 & 13.  This started as a goodbye to The Apple Store, then I got revelations of respect for classical music is required as much as for what “the greatest generation” did for us. I explain the license plates 

128a = 1.2 hrs of #97 to explain my AOLs, (America On Line with God through me watching MTV 10-6 to  11-14-95). For the shortest thorough summary of my job and these AOLs  Read pg 14, #128a to 128f at

128b = 2.2 hrs to explain my AOLs..mp4

128c,d&e   Is the whole 6 hour tape of the AOLs I did watching MTV on 10-6, 10-7 and most of it is on  10-8-95 when they were showing “planet Janet”, (Jackson), all day. One explanation of it is as follows.

        This is the end of the AOL I did on 10.8.95. That was the end of my first really big AOL, with more divine signs than I had ever seen on TV before, and a lot of people saw it: how much MTV and the rock n roll stars and the sponsor’s commercials were hearing from God. Not to mention America on line with God through my “learn on the fly” AOLs . It was a big example of “didn’t it rain children?” (= “rw” 723 pm,  7.23.09 and a siren which means Mega wasTE). Then the whole thing was shot down by the usual “big deal”. I just realized that’s one reason why you’ve got a disabled mess teaching these classes on home movies, its proportional to your applause.

        If you want to know the trouble you can get in for mocking these signs from heaven, I found a clue in the song KINGS AND QUEENS AND GUILLOTINES  by Aerosmith. I’m sure they’ve changed the lyrics to another one Areosmith’s songs, like in DRAW THE LINE, it’s been changed from “you’re the queen of the GRIND” to “queen of the brine”  and in  “SING WOMEN” it’s been changed to “sing with me”, (especially after I played that song for Hillary’s re-election 11-6-06 at the end of #84 & 91). The motive for changing the lyrics is the people that are in denial of how much trouble they in in with God. That also explains new York’s “shock” at the 9-11 disaster when “the angels mob you with warnings” , (that’s what Starbuck said to Ahab in the new MOBY DICK). The lyrics I’ve referred to as the wrath of God are these: “SCEAMS AND NO REPLY, THEY DIE”. I’ve listened to and taken notes on Aerosmith’s songs so often that I abbreviated that as “SNR” then I noticed it was short for “snore”. For those people who mock God’s miracles with fake yawns or snoring they may encounter a crisis where they cry out to God and get no reply and die.  There is more on this on 128F, next.

128F = 10.9.95 The song “you ought to know” was about our, (USA’s), first strike out with God when we got no applause as I mentioned in 128e and at the “didn’t it rain children” video at #001c above. Read pg 14, #128F at and see the “4 songs in 4 minutes” video that sums up the first strike out.

129 = VH-1 and a second copy of The Grind on 9-28-95, (also on 130) .mov

130    .mov, 208MB, 1:30, 9-28-95.

         The Grind on MTV and it goes with the 10-12-95 Grind and a 31 minute talk after it on #131. These two, (130 & 131), were in .mp4  but I “redidit” in .mov because it was important that these two came in good. There are many classes that cover how much I was mocked at The Grind on MTV on 9-28-95 and how prophetic it was of the 9-11 disaster, (a few are #24 @30 to 52 min, #25 @ 1:28 min, #88a {RATED X} @1:08 to 1:30, #124 @ 50 to 1:03 and #127z @ 1:03 to 1:21 minutes, and read #131). I just noticed a parallel to that in psalm 37:12 & 13. “The wicked plot against the just and GRIND their teeth at them; but the Lord laughs at them, knowing their day is coming.” That day was 9-11-01, (I repeat this line at the bottom of 131).

131abc  .mov, 455MB, 3:40 hrs, 10-12-95 & 2-24-10.

        This is the first 2.5 hours of my 10-12-95 MTV AOL, then a 31 minute talk about the difference between the 9-28 GRIND, (at 1:08 hours on #130), verses the 10-12-95 GRIND, (at 2:04 hours on this one, #131).  At 3:08 hours I show a dance scene from the movie STORMY WEATHER, after I explain why it’s so similar to the 10-12 GRIND. At 3:12 hours is the song “SEXY AND 17”, that was very prophetic of the half hour talk, (2:35 on #131), that was a lot about sex in school, and the California GROUNDHOGs that “flunked SHAMPOO” because they were BEAUTY SCHOOL DROP-OUTs, (in GREASE from 1 to 1:05 hrs on #95), and in SHAMPOO and forced me to move out of state. (Read more on this at #137 below.) The following is from #174: The high school sex talk that was parallel the music video “SEXY and 17” on #131 was a good lead in to the pornos and songs on this one so I “redidit” here, (matching up my talk to the music video to better see the parallels), to re-emphasize the permission from heaven for sex. This is another “I love you, good bye” to the porno business, (#174 & 104).

         At 3:16 hours I inserted 30 seconds of the Genie, as God asking for applause. The main reason for that was the the Genie does the splits going down the stairs just like the two tap dancers did in STORMY WEATHER. That got me to insert the parallel scene from DEATH BECOMES HER, (from 127z @ 2:35), because Meryl Streep does the splits when she falls down the stairs and dies. Those three splits going down the stairs are a picture of how much help they get from God to look so “cool and talented” but when they steal all the credits and mock God as a nerd then they do the splits when they die falling down the stairs like in DEATH BECOMES HER.

        After the Genie is a 17 minute talk when I narrate my way through the 10-12-95 GRIND, (from #75). One of the songs they dance to is AUTOMATIC LOVER, I looked up the lyrics and they were just what they sounded like and as I explain it was a sign of me representing Jesus’ return, “can you deal with my reincarnation and combination with absolute sophistication... you know I’m someone very special”. That’s parallel to when I play the song and show the lyrics to I’M SPECIAL, (Brass in my pocket), on 127g @ 30 minutes. I explained the main reason for doing that was an ad by a psychologist in 1995 that had a picture of a lion with the caption YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL. Like I said “If God made a song to mock that psychologist the least I could do is play it for you”, (in a class of explaining divine signs in songs). However in the music Video to AUTOMATIC LOVER they do mock “the one” but at least they didn’t change the lyrics on the web like the stars and women have done when they find out what the message from heaven is, (read 128e). I believe that’s what they did to the last song of my last AOL on MTV 11-14-95, (#157), that I put at the end of this. I’m sure the lyrics are exactly what it sounds like, “here we are now imitate us acting stupid is contagious” and that made it perfect to go with the song THIS IS HOW WE DO IT, (@ 3:20), which was my job, to explain that these are divine signs and blue prints from heaven showing you how to get the most out of life. Since it is required of every entertainer to steal the credits for songs and movies that are from heaven I end this show with Meryl Streep pushed down the stairs and does the splits at the bottom, (dead). It’s like when they mocked me on THE GRIND with the World Trade Centers in the background as a parallel to psalm 37:12 & 13. “The wicked plot against the just and GRIND their teeth at them; but the Lord laughs at them, knowing their day is coming.” That day was 9-11-01, (from #130 above).

        At 3:33 I mention the prudes in the church would object to this music and these classes, then I start the song SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT. They told me in Alaska, (1992), that the nerd dunce tied up with rope at the end of that song was me, (@3:36:33), and the “tied up” part was how much I’m kept in the dark. The Lord confirmed it as a sign to me right after I judged how stupid that song was, that’s when I saw that dunce, (of course I denied that it applied to me). Shortly after that I read in USA TODAY that the lead singer committed suicide and right below it was an article about child abuse. I explain how that applied to me and his music video A HEART SHAPED BOX and the next song, “what if god was ONE OF US” on #95 @ 41 to 51 minutes. The point of this is that it will be God who is calling you a “nerd” even if you are as tied up and in the dark as I was in1994, you are still required to figure things out on your own.

132 & 133 = All 5 hours of 10.12.95 MTV AOL, (2.6hrs is a repeat of 131). .mov

134 = The first 1.3 hours of the 10-13-95 MTV AOL that I recorded over the movie PRETTY WOMAN.

135 to 137 = The last 4.5 hours of 10.13.95 MTV

        THE 9-11 DISASTER has a good summary of videos to explain the cause and effect of it at #137 below.

                            This paragraph is from the start of #131 above, because I needed more space to elaborate on this.

        This is the first 2.5 hours of my 10-12-95 MTV AOL, then a 31 minute talk about the difference between the 9-28 GRIND, (at 1:08 hours on #130), verses the 10-12-95 GRIND, (at 2:04 hours on  #131). At 3:12 hours on #131 is the song “SEXY AND 17”, that was very prophetic of the half hour talk, (2:35 on #131), that was a lot about sex in school, and the California GROUNDHOGs that “flunked SHAMPOO” because they were BEAUTY SCHOOL DROP-OUTs, (in GREASE from 1 to 1:05 on #95), and in SHAMPOO and forced me to move out of state. (Read more on this at #137 below.) [ And at the last 7 paragraphs of #173 below.]

        I just wanted to put a note in here that Warren Beatty rides a TRIUMPH motorcycle in the Movie SHAMPOO and the c// scene from AMADEUS where a guy says to Mozart, (represnting VH-1 to me), “ I guarantee you a TRIUMPH deluxe.” That’s at 44 min on #92b, except I watched from there to the end, (1:58 hrs), in 2x speed on my Mac and I was amazed at the “TRIUMPH deluxe” that followed. Like at 51 minutes was an accidental over-run scene from AMADEUS where Stanzie says to Saliari “Is it not good?” and he answers her, (half in shock), “It’s miraculous.”. I knew that was a “sign” so I left it in, but it didn’t click until today, (2-27-10, = rw 202 p.m.). Just from 44 to 51 minutes was a “miraculous” explanation of the 9-11 disaster but by 57 minutes there are six scenes of a motorcycle in Celine Dion’s music video “It’s all coming back to me now” and that was another “TRIUMPH deluxe” explanation of the cause and effect of the 9-11 disaster. Because I’ve seen these so many times I was able to keep up with it in 2x speed to the end and that sent me to the next c// that I watched, #102b and again in 2x speed from 56 min to 2:08 hours. At 1:41 I get that same over-run scene again where Saliari says “It’s miraculous”, this time I explain that it’s a “blue print” from heaven showing us the proper way to react when “wisdom, simplicity and divine insight can explain the cause and effect of the 9-11 disaster”. The #1253 means “I can’t believe we did that” and at 1253 p.m. I got a rw and a “ding” where my hon(s) were confirming “yes we really did do all that”.

       I wanted to give a list here of all that was explained on #92b @ 44 to 1:58 hrs, then on #100a  from 1:02, (actually from 38 to 2:08 would be better), then I skimmed #115 from start to finish and I was amazed at all I explained, (with my wives to help me), about the 9-11 disaster, (9-2001 & 11-2001 jet crashes in New York City), and a very good summary of the little bit of sex or money that could’ve prevented the 9-11 disaster, (and a good summary of the women called to give that sex), then women getting branded as demons and dumb broads for the dumb-sticks, (drumsticks) ice cream they threw away. This is also on the This is also on the WELCOME page and @ 1a on page 1 at, the dumb-sticks ice cream losses from the big dipper offer to women to “change your evil ways before I stop loving you”, (there’s also a short video of that SANTANA song there). In case I run out of time this short summary will have to do.    

138 & 139 = The first two hours of the 10-28-95 MTV

140 to 143 = The last four hours of the 10-28-95 MTV AOL, this has the Un-laughable 9-11 disaster warning, (explained on 116a & 116b)

144 & 145 =  The first four hours of the 10-31-95 MTV

146 to 148 = The last six hours of the 10-31-95 MTV

149 = RATED X @ start, the first four hours of the 11-5 and 11-6-95 MTV

150 =  The last four hours of the 11-7-95 MTV

151 = 11-12-95 is 3 hours total. Because this was the last and biggest and best of the AOLs on MTV

I inserted one hour of explanations to go with it, (RATED X).

152 = 11-13-95 is 4 hours total. Because this was the last and biggest and best of the AOLs on MTV

I inserted nearly two hours of explanations to go with it, (RATED R).

153 = Hours 3 & 4 of 8 hours of the 11-13-95 AOL on

154 = Hours 4 & 5 of 8 hours of the 11-13-95 AOL on

155 = Hours 5 & 6 of 8 hours of the 11-13-95 AOL on

156 = Hours 7 & 8 of 8 hours of the 11-13-95 AOL on

157 =  11-14-95 is 1:50 hours total, .mov, 252MB.

        Because this was the end of my last, biggest and best of the AOLs on MTV I inserted one hour of explanations to go with it, (RATED X). It’s clips from classes #116b, 175 and 177, (not 127w, I renamed it 177).

         At the very end is the movie “I Love Trouble” on the TV guide channel for 11-20-95 and that was the same sign I got from God in July 1994 that I would be safe on my “Rhythm Nation” drive across the USA, (four times to January 1995), as a sign to the world that “Hell Freezes Over”, (The Eagles cd and Janet Jackson’s song were another prophetic confirmation that hell had frozen over). This time the sign of “I Love Trouble” was a prophecy of the 9-11 disaster when “the powers that be” would finally back off on all their murder attempts on me and that I would be just as safe as I was on that “Rhythm Nation” drive.

158 = last AOLs 9.6.96 to 9.2.05. .mp4

159 =12.18.03 recorded after Maxim mag mocked away Xmas sexx perms.mp4

160  .mov, 158MB, 1:07 hrs. This is the tape of songs I recorded on 5-31-01 that carried me through 9.11.01. I show and explain many of these songs on #30, (also read #160 on pg 16 at

161 = AOL 1-11-95 =2hrs, see 127x12 as a introduction to these

162 = AOL 2-26-95 Grammy preview #1 of 3 = 2.2

163a  = AOL 3-1-95 Grammy & previews #2 of 3= 2hrs .mov

163b = AOL 3-1-95 Grammys #3 of 3= 1.5 hrs .mov

164 = AOL 3-3-95 Sinatra & Eagles 1st 2 of

165 = AOL 3-4 to 3-16-95 The Eagles last

166 = AOL 3-6 & 3-8-95 Messiah sister1 of 3=

167 = AOL 3-7-95 Messiah is my sister 2 of

168 = AOL 3-9-95 If ever I lose my faith 3 of 3=2hrs .mov

169 = AOL 3-10-95 Moon Zappa & Grind 2 of 2

170 = AOL 3-11 & 17-95 I Know = 2 of 2

171 = AOL 3-17 last hr to 3-19 & 2hrs

172 Is what I recorded 3-25-05 as a sign that Jesus’ return was over (That’s all folks!). Then I got a camera and had to make a record of all this, I showed this same part on my first class (#4 on 6-4-05, also on #99). Next on this is the 2 hour warning to NASA on 4-12-05 not to have a woman to command the shuttle, I show and explain most of it on #32 on 8-9-05 but this direct dub copy comes in much better. Like the AOLs this is only for reference (and was recorded for me so it needs to be explained to be understood). The start is the last 15 minutes of a tour of the USA, also part of the “D of Nukes” tape with the song “What if Jesus came back like that”, because I was so amazed to find out that God had already accomplished through me what God asked me to do January 1993, (to represent Jesus’ return, also explained on #4 on 6-4-05).

This four minute video explains how iMovie helped make my classes understandable. There is a list of the classes I did in iMovie after class #oo1b.

        At the end of #173 and 127y3 I explain how they’ve used black magic to distract me, like from re-doing my classes in iMovie, just like they ruined my diet to make me gain weight. In #127k I said “I can’t beat this black magic curse” and now it applies to my time on Earth may be up before I can clean up these classes in iMovie. So I thought this video might help you endure the classes not in iMovie.